Stars in Stereo – Stars in Stereo

The Broken 8/10

Violence 8/10

All Together 10/10

Dealing Secrets 9/10

Lie Down 6/10

Red Eyed Romance 10/10

Open Your Eyes 9/10

At the Stroke of Midnight 10/10

Every Last Thing 8/10

Queen of Catastrophe 8/10

Every Last Thing (Alternative Version) 10/10

This near flawless album is the debut full length LP from Stars in Stereo. I discovered them some time last year and I’m glad I came back to them because I’d be missing out on probably my favorite release this year so far. Every track brings out the pop rockiness in them and I love almost every minute of it. The few minutes I could’ve done without was “Lie Down”. Although, not a bad song it is by far the weakest track.

To the guitar riffs in “Dealing Secrets” to lead singer, Bec Hollcraft, vocals on “At the Stroke of Midnight” and other countless songs, Stars in Stereo is a must have album.

Standout Track: At the Stroke of Midnight

Album Average: 8.7


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