Charli XCX – True Romance


Nuclear Seasons  8/10

You (Ha Ha Ha) 7/10

Take My Hand 7/10

Stay Away 8/10

Set Me Free 10/10

Grins 7/10

So Far Away 6/10

Cloud Aura (feat. Brooke Candy) 10/10

What I Like 9/10

Black Roses 7/10

You’re the One 8/10

How Can I 10/10

Lock You Up 6/10

Relatively new to the scene Charli XCX, comes at us with this full length LP titled True Romance. I’m not really one to pigeon hole an artist to a genre so I won’t do it here. Her music can range from alternative to indie pop (and apparently she can do a little rapping, which can be heard on “Cloud Aura”).  The album is pretty solid, however there are not many standout tracks. But on the bright side, there aren’t any bad tracks either. For anyone that is into the indie pop kind of sound (with a little electric in there) this is your type of album.

Standout Track: Cloud Aura (feat. Brooke Candy)

Album Average: 7.92


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