Holly Williams – The Highway

FbcBM0YDrinkin‘ 9/10

Gone Away From Me 7/10

Railroads 8/10

Happy 10/10

The Highway 10/10

Without You 9/10

Let You Go 9/10

Giving Up 9/10

A Good Man 10/10

‘Till It Runs Dry 9/10

Waiting on June 10/10

Holly Williams takes us on a journey through her life with her new album, The Highway. If you want an album where everyone song feels like you’re reading a chapter of someone’s life, The Highway is the perfect. Holly Williams paints a vivid picture for each song and lets you create a story for yourself at the same time. The lyrics and production of the album are solid, but the subject matters really overshadow them and that’s a good thing.

Standout Track: Waiting on June

Album Average: 9.09


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