The Material – Everything I Want to Say


Life Vest 10/10

Born to Make a Sound 10/10

Tonight I’m Letting Go 9/10

Running Away 8/10

Bottles 8/10

Skin and Bone 10/10

Gasoline 9/10

The Great Unknown 8/10

Love Me or Leave Me 9/10

Let Me in Again 9/10

Chances 9/10

San Diego based band, The Material, comes to us with their most recent rocking release Everything I Want to Say. The sound on this album is much heavier and has a noticeable change of pace from their previous release What We Are. But even with the heavier sound, the songs are still very catchy and accessible to anyone that enjoys that pop punk sound.

The vocals from lead singer, Collen D’Agostino, really come alive on songs “Born to Make a Sound” and “Skin and Bone”, and are pretty solid all throughout the album. Most of the songs have a clear message in their lyrics and can get pretty powerful at times. Overall this is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year from start to finish.

Standout Track: Skin and Bone

Album Average: 9.00


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