Darling Parade – Battle Scars & Broken Hearts Review

Battle+Scars++Broken+Hearts+DP++Battle+Scars++Broken+Heart When It’s Over 10/10

 Ghost 10/10

 Crash & Burn 9/10

 Just Another 10/10

 Change 10/10

 Messin’ With Me 8/10

 Bells are Ringing 9/10

 Coming Undone 9/10

 Bad Habit 8/10

 Summer 7/10

 With You 7/10

Another band that I discovered this year, Darling Parade, comes with their first full length LP Battle Scars & Broken Hearts. This album is filled with catchy pop rock songs that anyone would love. The lyrics are very solid, but what attracted me to this album was the production and the tone of lead singer, Kristin Kearns. Although, not a powerful voice, it doesn’t really need to be with the type of songs on this album and that’s better than being powerful just for the heck of it.  Battle Scars & Broken Hearts is most definitely one of my top albums this year so far.

Standout Track: Change

Album Average: 8.81


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