The Civil Wars – The Civil Wars


1. The One That Got Away 10/10

2. I Had Me a Girl 9/10

3. Same Old Same Old 9/10

4. Dust to Dust 9/10

5. Eavesdrop 10/10

6. Devil’s Backbone 10/10

7. From This Valley 10/10

8. Tell Mama 8/10

9. Oh Henry 8/10

10. Disarm 9/10

11. Sacred Heart 10/10

12. D’Arline 8/10

Even with their internal discourse the duo of Joy Williams and John Paul White, better known as The Civil Wars, continue to create magic with each other throughout their latest self-titled release. But this time there is an obvious sense of gloom within their beautiful harmonies and melodies. Lead single, “The One That Got Away”, gives a hint inside the duo’s discourse but it’s a moot point because the song itself is tragically beautiful as is the rest of the album.

Standout Tracks: Eavesdrop, The One That Got Away, Devil’s Backbone

Album Average: 9.16


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