Portugal. The Man – Evil Friends

Evil Friends

1. Plastic Soldiers 10/10

2. Creep in a T-SHIRT 8/10

3. Evil Friends 8/10

4. Modern Jesus 10/10

5. Hip Hop Kids 10/10

6. Atomic Man 9/10

7. Sea of Air 8/10

8. Waves 8/10

9. Holy Roller (Hallelujah) 9/10

10. Someday Believers 9/10

11. Purple Yellow Green and Blue 10/10

12. Smile 9/10

More of a new fan of Portugal. The Man, their sound in their current release, Evil Friends, really blew me away. From the organs in the first song, “Plastic Soldiers” to the brash we don’t give a shit anthem in “Hip Hop Kids”, the beginning of this album is a must listen. The best way to describe this album is a trippy, alternative, semi-serious fun experience. The lyrics are fun yet have some sort of message, whether it be serious or not, there is a message there somehow. The production on this album is definitely the best part of it, by a pretty big margin. Producer, Danger Mouse, and Portugal. The Man create a killer combination.

Album Average: 9.00

Standout Track: Plastic Soldiers


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