Avril Lavigne – Avril Lavigne

Avril1. Rock n Roll  9/10

2. Here’s to Never Growing Up 7/10

3. 17 8/10

4. Bitchin’ Summer 8/10

5. Let Me Go 9/10

6. Give You What You Like 10/10

7. Bad Girl 7/10

8. Hello Kitty 10/10

9. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet 8/10

10. Sippin’ on Sunshine 10/10

11. Hello Heartache 9/10

12. Falling Fast 10/10

13. Hush Hush 9/10

With her 5th studio self-titled album, Avril Lavigne stays forever never growing up and it never sounded better. If there was an artist that could pull this off and still put out great music it would have to be Avril Lavigne. This self-titled release sounds like it could be an entire summer anthem played on repeat all through the summer. Although she remains true to the never growing up image, there are a few tracks where she strays completely from her sound. On the track “Bitchin’ Summer” you can catch Lavigne breaking it down and spitting out a little rapping. And on the track “Hello Kitty” she goes in complete EDM mode while shouting random phrases in Japanese. It’s quite the experience. Overall Avril Lavigne is a solid album with a few hidden gems in there.

Album Average: 8.76

Standout Track: Falling Fast


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